Post Procedure Advice & Information.

An Aftercare pack is given to each client after every treatment, this includes instructions, general questions/ answers, aftercare balm and cotton buds,

To keep your permanent make up in good condition it is necessary to have a retouch every 12-24 months

All new permanent make up treatments require a top up / Retouch between 4-6 weeks after the first appointment as the initial colour is up to 50% darker then the healed colour immediately after treatment. Top ups are included in the price(unless specified) and can be booked after your initial treatment. If you do not attend for a top up within 12 weeks then you will have to pay the cost as listed in our maintenance treatment list.

Colour will fade after 4-7 days and the final ‘healed’ colour may not be visible for up to 4 weeks following your initial treatment.

It is recommended that you gently bath the area the evening of the procedure with a warm clean cloth to remove any seepage from the area. Try to avoid getting it wet and follow aftercare procedures as suggested below.

After any permanent make up procedure the treatment area may show symptoms such as Flaking, Redness, Aching, Dryness, Swelling, or Tenderness. For eye procedures eyelashes may stick together and the eyelid can become red and appear swollen.

Your permanent make up procedure can be affected if you suffer from any medical conditions as discussed during your consultation or on your consent form. This can slow down the healing process and the symptoms noted above may appear more prominently. these symptoms should not stop your normal activities the following day.


(This should be carried out a minimum of 7 days after your permanent make up treatment)


Apply the provided moisturising balm to the treated area,(expect for eyeliner/eyelash enhancer treatment), at least twice a day. Ensure you thoroughly wash your hands and use a clean cotton bud to apply each time.

Use a gentle facial cleanser (alcohol free) and avoid the treatment area,

If the treatment area gets wet, pat dry only, very gently with a clean towel.

Use saline for bathing eyes only.

Additional precautions – (please see Pre-treatment advice section)

( For Lip Treatments only) If you have ever had cold sores or herpes simplex in the past it is strongly recommended that you use medication (eg Zovirax) 7 days before and after lip treatments. This will help to prevent cold sores appearing and also minimise discomfort.

Do not expose the treated area to extreme heat or cold until the healing process is complete. This includes avoiding sunbathing ,tanning beds, saunas and other practices which expose the skin to extreme temperatures.

Avoid using make up for at least 3 days following any permanent makeup treatment. If however you must use mascara then please use a brand new mascara.

Do not pick, scratch or rub the area which was treated. Doing this will result in infections and a delay in the healing process which may even cause scarring.

Use a sunscreen or moisturiser with an SPF of 15 or over.

Please also note:

If you have an MRI scan or any other medical or cosmetic procedures,please inform your medical professional that you have had permanent make up.

As with tattooing, You will not be eligible  to give blood for a year after your treatment.

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