We specialise in hair stroke natural beautiful eyebrows as well as powdered, combination and the bolder ombré brows. This will be discussed during your consultation to decide exactly what you require. High quality Li, longtime liner and Tracie Giles pigments are used to blend, lift, define and give you the brows you desire. If your brows are thin, over-plucked or you simply want to improve the shape and look then this is the treatment for you.  This treatment allows you to Wake up with beautiful brows, allowing you to go swimming, go the gym and bathe all day whilst on holiday without having to worry about smudging your brows.  If you have a small gap in the brow or on the tail end and just want this correcting then we can also help. Please contact us to discuss permanent eyebrows.


  • Beautiful perfect brows
  • No need to pencil every day
  • Wake up with make up
  • Smudge, shower and water proof


Consultation: FREE
Treatment: £325.00 (This includes the retouch appointment 4-12 weeks later.)
Maintenance & colour boost
within 6 months £150.00
up to 1 year £ 190.00
up to 2 years £225

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The Permanent Eyebrows Treatment

The first stage is a consultation. This is normally done as part of your initial treatment, but can be done separately. I will talk with you about what you are trying to achieve and what can be recommended to you.  Once I have an idea of the look you are aiming for I measure and draw / reshape your brows with a makeup pencil so you can see what it will look like. I will never begin the tattoo process until you are completely happy with what it is going to look like.

Using the Long Time Liner Contour Duo device I gently apply pigment to the area using a very fine needle.  You should not feel any discomfort however I will check with you throughout the process to ensure you are as pain free as possible. The process normally takes around 90-120 minutes but varies from person to person. After the treatment you will be given an aftercare pack to take home. Your brows may feel a bit tender and red and the pigment can look up to 40/50% darker than the desired colour until the start to heal around 4 days later.

A second appointment is needed 4-12 weeks after your initial  treatment. This is usually quicker than the first appointment but is necessary to add more pigment to the area. As the area is healing, some parts may lose pigment or become patchy. This is completely normal as everyone heals differently.